About Myself

My name Is Roman Lambert. I am 21 years old. I was born in Ukraine where I lived for 10 years. Shortly after I got adopted and have been in America ever since. Growing up, I have always been into sports. Soccer has been my sport growing up and when I moved to the states, I wanted something more challenging, so I went out for basketball because I knew nothing about it. 8th grade basketball was when I was first introduced to weights. I immediately fell in love. The natural high that I got from lifting was something I have never experienced before. It become something that I looked forward to doing every single day.

Before I knew it, I started to make progress and my friends and other peers around me started to ask me what I was doing. At that time, My best friend and I started a youtube channel recording our workouts and giving advice. (we did not know what we were talking about at the time.)

I fell in love with fitness. The confidence that it brings you. The disciple that you develop through day in and day out of the workouts and proper nutrition. That same disciple applies to every other area of my life. The effort that you put in is the results that you get out.

Through the years, I have tried many workout splits/programs and routines and I have found that consistency trumps everything. Through my services, I will do everything in my power to help you reach your goals but it will take time. This is not going to be a quick 2 week body transformation fix. This will take months and years to see a big difference. It will be more than worth seeing a physical representation of your efforts being put out.

Program For Beginners

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